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Sales teams are great at contacting customers with active requirements but what about all of those ‘forgotten’ customers? Their data is still valuable, but you need to make sure of a few things first:


  • Is Anyone There?

  • Is It The Right Person?

​Keeping in regular ‘front of mind’ contact with your whole customer base helps to realise its full potential and so increases its value to your business immensely.

All available studies point to the incontrovertible fact that regular contact leads to increased sales and pipeline growth and improved customer retention. It assures more accurate and up-to-date customer contact information is held thus improving the productivity of your Sales team and it increases customer satisfaction as they feel more valued.

The Problem

The process of maintaining your customer base using KnocKnoc is a simple one. By connecting our system to an email address that you designate, all of our notification emails or "knocs" will appear to come from your team.


We will send regular branded and personalised emails to your customer base maintaining your overriding marketing message. 


(We are fully GDPR compliant so you can be assured that all data used by KnocKnoc is safe, never stored and will only be used for your work with us.)

Our Solution

How often will emails to our customer base be sent?

We will send an email to your customer base once every 6 weeks (or longer if you wish).

Will you provide statistics relating to our campaign?

Yes, you will receive concise reports including opens, bounce rates and replies on a weekly basis.

What information do we need to provide KnocKnoc?

All we require is a .CSV file with your customer information (first name, last name, email address), along with the content you wish to send.

What type of emails can you send?

Any subject matter you want: sale offers, new starter intros, general 'check-ins', company news.

Will the email(s) KnocKnoc sends for us retain our branding?

Yes, the emails are sent from your company mailboxes so current branding is maintained.

But we already have a marketing department...

KnocKnoc is not intended to replace existing marketing teams or processes. It is purely a 'light touch' way of ensuring regular contact with your entire customer base.


We discovered that our sales teams were not "touching" the installed base with enough frequency. Corporate marketing was delivering more leads than the team could handle, sales were too busy following up the leads and consequently contact to some of the installed base was suffering.


KnocKnoc filled that gap for us, a simple process that enabled us to deliver ad hoc personalised messages from sales.

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Click here to see a REAL conversation between a Sales Manager & one of his Reps. Highlighting the need for KnocKnoc.


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